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Virtual People

Hi! I'm Ryan Bradford and I make Virtual People (VFRNDs). This collection of work will be available soon as NFT's for purchase. Each edition is a 1/1 hand made exclusive. If that's your thing, please head over to my 

Virtual People draws inspiration from two amazing artists in particular; Nguyen Nhut and Amrit Pal Singh. My work seeks to capture the personalities of those I'm rendering through clear features or themes each individual holds. If you're interested in being immortalized within the Virtual People work please feel free to contact me.

Environment Art

When I originally graduated from Pratt Institute I was driven (and still am) to create models for video games. As an artist who has played games all their life, I want to help create amazing games like the ones I played when I was young. 

Environment art and asset design give me an opportunity to explore this niche with talents that I have procured over the past couple years. This collection of work is a personal project meant to showcase the skills I have in creating an in depth and fully fleshed out environment. If you're interested, please read more about it on my Artstation.

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